ANA Enterprise supporting American nurses during the Pandemic

The American Nurses Association (ANA) founded in 1896 is supporting nurses all over the United States of America to empower and spread good practices for this category of health professionals which has been facing new challenges since the COVID-1919 outbreak. In the need to shield the front-line health workers, the enterprise ANA has created the COVID-19 Resource Centre to effectively protect the nurses, and also protect the community safely.

The project offers free open educative video series on core information about vaccines and related issues circling the pandemic. The center also links the Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses which addresses donations to Support the mental health of nurses, ensuring nurses access to the latest science-based information for their own protection, preventing infection, and care for those in need, providing direct financial assistance to nurses testing positive to Coronavirus.

The effort accounted for U$ 1.9 million and counts with the sponsorship of 41 brands like Humana Foundation, United Health Group, United Health Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, Tylenol, Neutrogena, and Johnson’s Aveeno.

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