Submission Process

Each initiative must be submitted directly on the COVID-19 Action Hub website. Please proceed with your submission using the following link:

The fields need be to filled as follow:

YOUR NAME – Indicate your full name. Please, also indicate if the action is submitted by the owner or by a nominator.
Example: John York (OWNER)

If you are a UPG SUSTAINABILITY applicant, you must indicate it right after your name.
Example: John York (OWNER). UPG SUSTAINABILITY 2022 applicant

YOUR EMAIL – Indicate an updated and valid email to be contacted by UPG in case your action is selected

ATTENTION: If you are a UPG SUSTAINABILITY applicant, you must use the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS registered for your UPG SUSTAINABILITY 2022 application.

POST TITLE Name of the initiative. The title should be concise and ideally mention the city and country where the action is being implemented.
Example: Hygiene kits donation for homeless people in Sao Paulo, Brazil

POST CATEGORY The applicant must choose the category based on the SDG covered by the action.
Example: Health

SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTION – This description must contain the type of action (Individual, Informal Group or Organisation) and the place (region/country/city), and link(s) to the action (not mandatory but strongly recommended).

  • If you are not the owner of the action/project: A short description presenting the key points of the action is enough (maximum 500 words).

  • If you are the owner of the action/project: Your submission must also contain the impact of your action. For instance, i) The number of people impacted (1 person, a family, 20 people, a whole community (precise the number when possible) ii) The longevity of the project (short, medium, and long-term impact, specifying numbers and possible timelines if possible), and iii) The funding sources (Community sponsored, Partner(s), individual(s), Self-sponsored or other sources of funding)

    Example: The initiative led by a group of friends who decided to take action already distributed 500 basic hygiene kits (500 people impacted) for homeless people in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The initiative is financed by its own funds and donations from friends (self-sponsored and partners) who also want to support the initiative. Kits are arranged with the help of at least 10 volunteers. They are very excited about the positive impact of the initiative, and plans are for expanding to reach at least 1.500 people by the end of 2022 (short and long-term impact).

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