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Be a COVID-19 Action Hero
What are Featured Actions?

The ‘‘Featured Actions’’ is an initiative launched by the COVID-19 Action Hub to publicize inspiring and incredible stories and impactful actions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the beginning of the outbreak and its spread at a global scale, small or big actions, from individuals and organisations all over the world have shown us how the power of kindness helped many people to go through these troubled times.

Bearing this in mind, the COVID-19 Action Hub is currently promoting a campaign to learn more about how the UPG community cope with the pandemic and to inspire and drive actions through positive examples.


What type of actions can be submitted?

Type of action – The action can focus on a punctual action (one-time activity) or on a project with a longer duration. However, you cannot submit an action at the planning phase. It must be an action/project that has already started.

Area / field of Action –  The action can be partly or exclusively related to health. For example, helping people facing difficulties because of the pandemic (gathering donations, serving food or distributing hygiene items for people in vulnerable situations), promoting awareness campaigns about the pandemic, promoting educational campaigns to empower local communities to fight the effects of the pandemic, will be accepted as suitable actions. All categories of population can be targeted. Here some examples of featured actions published on our website:

“IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend you to add pictures, videos, links, or social media posts ( at the end of the submission form) as evidence of the impact of your initiative”


How can I submit an action?

You must submit your action filling the online form, on the COVID-19 Action Hub (COACH) official website :

Here you can find the guidelines to the submission process to participate to the campaign.

What is the deadline to submit an action?

We will accept actions until 10th December, 2021

Can I submit my own action?

Yes. On this case you must identify yourself as OWNER on the submission form.

Can I submit an action that I have not launched on my own?

Yes. In this case you must identify yourself as NOMINATOR on the submission form.

Can I submit an action from an individual?

Yes. All size of actions are welcome

Can I submit an action from an organisation?

Yes. All size of actions are welcome

What are the benefits for the selected actions?

All the selected actions will be posted on the COVID-19 Action Hub official website hence an opportunity to increase awareness. However, the top selected ideas will have MORE benefits.

ALL SELECTED ACTIONS – All the actions submitted will be featured on the COVID-19 Action website as long as they are aligned with the content and format of the Featured Actions’ guidelines.

  • Support with networking activities – Participation to a specific new thread on the forum about health-related topics

TO THE OWNERS OF THE ACTION (Person who is submitting their own action/project) – They will have the unique chance to publicise their actions and gain incredible network opportunities

  • TOP 3 ACTIONS – Participation to the panel of a webinar organized by the COVID-19 Action Hub Team

  • TOP 4 ACTIONS – Participation in other UPG events to promote the action (a speaker seat at United Voices, UPG Learning Lab)

  • TOP 6 ACTIONS – Brainstorming Session with the COVID-19 Action Hub Team

TO THE NOMINATORS OF ACTIONS/PROJECTS (Person who knows a beautiful action and wants to nominate it) – They will have the chance to develop soft skills and the recognition of tUPG for their cooperation to raise awareness

  • TOP 4 NOMINATORS – Participation in selected UPG trainings

  • ALL SELECTED ACTIONS – Certificate issued by UPG – Ambassador of COVID-19 Featured Actions

When the winners will be announced?

The top winners will be officially announced on December 19th, 2021

How the UPG SUSTAINABILITY applicants will know if their actions were selected?

If your action is selected you will be notified by email on the announcement day 19th December, 2021

How the UPG SUSTAINABILITY applicants will know if they receive an extra point?

If your action is selected you will earn the extra point in the selection process. The UPG SUSTAINABILITY selection committee (which is responsible for assigning the point) will be notified by the COVID-19 Action Hub Team if the action/project submitted by a UPG SUSTAINABILITY applicant is selected by the Campaign

After the campaign, would it be possible to submit actions?

Yes , the’ ‘‘Featured Actions’’ is an initiative which is going through all the year. You can submit your action here:

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