BMGF Grants U$3 Million Initiative to Encourage Masking and COVID-19 Vaccines for Countries in Need

A cooperative team from Yale, Stanford and Innovations Poverty Action has conducted a control trial over 350,000 individuals in Bangladesh and identified four strategies that would effectively change norms to encourage mask wearing. 

The NORM project stands for no-cost, offering information, reinforcement, and modelling. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) donated $3 million to the project. Those funds will support the research on the impact of masking to reduce asymptomatic infection, building on the initial study.

This initiative fueled by this support enhanced successful mask-wearing implementation in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, India and parts of Latin America during the last year. Furthermore, BMGF has additionally donated a $645,000 funding addressed to the research into vaccine delivery in countryside areas of India.

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