AMREF Has Launched a Campaign to Support COVID-19 Vaccination In Africa

Although the African population represents 17% of the world’s population, by the end of 2021 only 2.8% of its population has been vaccinated. The NGO, Amref Health Africa, and partners are creating good conditions for a rising vaccination drive in various countries in Africa.
The actions include training health workers to administer the vaccine, securing the health workers’ integrity, setting up mobile clinics, transporting doses to remote regions within the correct conditions, and working at a community level to dismiss fears concerning vaccination. Amref Health Africa is currently working on a continent-wide approach and advocating health and vaccination on regional and global levels.
In the article they are mentioning numbers worth adding as part of their objectives: raise £2,000,000 in two years
And this information shared seems also interesting: ‘‘– and to bolster the routine health services that are being affected by the diversion of resources to pandemic response.’’

Learn more about the campaign:

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