Volunteers Provide Food To COVID-19 Patients Under Quarantine in Indonesia

In July 2021, another devastating surge of COVID-19 swept across Indonesia. Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia and home to about 10 million people (30 million if adjacent towns are included) became the epicenter of the outbreak. The new wave has pushed the hospitals to their limits, which began treating their patients in parking lots.

 Ghufron Lana is a 35-year-old chicken porridge seller in a traditional market in Bandung, Indonesia’s West Java province. Since the COVID-19 surge in early July 2021, he started to cook and distribute free chicken porridge to people in his community who are under quarantine at home because of COVID-19 infections, using his own savings. With time, Ghufron Lana expanded his free porridge service to people who live within 2 km from his house. To get a free porridge, one only needs to send the positive COVID-19 swab test result via app numbers printed on a digital leaflet. As requests increased, Lana delivered up to 700 packs a day sometimes. Later, more people joined: they provided him with money or rice, helped him cook, or helped deliver the food.

 Iklima Maulida, 21, is one of the people who benefit from Lana’s kindness. Every day, Maulida receives four portions of porridge for herself and her family, who contracted COVID-19.

 To learn more about the story, visit http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2021-07/30/c_1310096908.htm



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