The Lagos Food Bank Initiative Provides Nutritious Food to Vulnerable Families in Nigeria

The COVID-19 pandemic has deepened the hunger crisis in many parts of the world. In response to the pandemic, the Lagos Food Bank Initiative (LFBI), a Nigerian non-profit organization that focuses on fighting hunger and malnutrition as well as reducing food waste in Lagos has established the “COVID-19 Emergency Food Intervention Plan (CEFIP).”

 CEFIP is one of the several programs currently running at the Lagos Food Bank Initiative that aims to feed vulnerable families in Nigeria and to ensure these families are receiving nutritious meals. To provide sufficient food to those in need, these food- and nutrition-focused programs target various vulnerable populations, including children, the elderly, pregnant women, patients with diet-related diseases, and people living in poverty.

 As of 14 May 2021, the CEFIP program has reached 89,625 vulnerable families who face challenges from the widespread food crises in Lagos. The program has also reached 16 local government areas and is supported by 53 partnerships.

 To learn more about the COVID-19-related initiative of the Lagos Food Bank Initiative and to make a donation to the organization, visit their website at


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