The Internet Society Foundation Offers Small and Medium Business in Botswana Training on Teleworking

The outbreak of the pandemic and the high number of governments recommending or enforcing social distancing measures (to slow down the spread of COVID-19) forced the adoption of teleworking was a solution that many countries and companies embraced. However, many medium or low income countries don’t have access or the skills to take full advantage of teleworking tools and technologies. To address this issue the organisation Internet Society Foundation, offers training in Botswana to help local small business leaders to become more productive and profitable through telework. The Botswana Internet Society Chapter has launched the “Beyond the Net” project, offering “Teleworking 101” training for small business leaders. The main audience of the training are employers, employees and the general public, who have their business impacted by the pandemic and can profit from adopting telework technologies.

The organisation invites public-sector officers to also take part of the project so they can encourage and facilitate the participation of local business in the training. Participants of the training will learn to use tools such as remote desktop, real-time applications, video chat apps, and encryption tools that may help them improve their business, heavily impacted by the pandemic.

Learn more about the initiative here:


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