The COVID-19 Child and Worker Protection Fund by GoodWeave Supports Children and Their Families in South Asia

GoodWeave is a non-profit organization based in the United States that initially started its humanitarian work to end child labor, forced labor, and bonded labor in global supply chains in India. Today, it is an international organization with a strong presence in India, Nepal and Afganistan, helping vulnerable communities in trying times.

In South Asia, job loss and life difficulties caused by COVID-19 continue to mount. In response to the pandemic in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, GoodWeave has set up the “COVID-19 Child and Worker Protection Fund” to support vulnerable communities, including marginalized migrants and informal workers. The fund has helped deliver humanitarian aid and services to the communities in need in these countries. These aids and services include items essential for daily life, such as food and hygiene kits. Moreover, the organization also uses the fund they receive to provide aids to Hamro Ghar, which is GoodWeave’s home for rescued children in Nepal.

 Learn more about the COVID-19 Child and Worker Protection Fund at GoodWeave and make a donation at or email


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