Marhamah Association for Social and Charitable Projects

The Marhamah association in Tunis has contributed to the prevention process of COVID-19  under the sign «Stay in your home so that you protect us and protect your children». In this regard, it has supported the efforts of the Tunisian state in curbing the spread of the pandemic.

 The association carried out four major campaigns in the fields of health, social, charitable, and subsistence.

 The association also undertook the following actions that include:

 -Distributing meals to those in quarantine, in coordination with the Ministries of Health, Youth and Sports, over a period of thirty days.

 -Providing 120 breakfast meals per day for the benefit of the medical and paramedical staff in hospitals, who act as the first line of defense in confronting the pandemic. This includes providing meals for about 200 doctors in their work centers.

 -Distributing 1000 food baskets to needy and low-income families, in coordination with the civil society and the active associations in all states of the republic.

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