A Random Act of Kindness Warms the Heart of a New Mother in the United States

The COVID-19 outbreak has posed a tremendous challenge for many of us. However, the arrival of new family members during the pandemic has brought light to the life of Ms. Ashley Radosav, who lives in the United States. After giving birth to her twins, Michael and Madelyn, Ms. Ashley Radosav received a surprise gift from a stranger in Lincolnwood, Illinois, a town 20 miles away from where she lives. Seeking more interactions with other people during isolation imposed by COVID-19, a kind-hearted, anonymous woman whom Ms. Radosav has never met has been bringing baked goods to the local police department and catching up on the local news with the police officers. During one of these visits to the police department, she learned that Ms. Radosav just welcomed the arrival of her twins. To show Ms. Radosov’s children love, the woman made beautiful blankets for the twins as gifts despite not knowing Ms. Radosov’s family.

Ms. Radosav shared the heartwarming story on social media and has struck a chord with many people.

 Learn more about Ms. Radosav’s story at https://www.facebook.com/epochtimes/photos/a.135429689265/10159501218359266/


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